Political and
the New Deal

depression also shaken the politics of the United States in unfettered
capitalism. Herbert Hoover, a Republican who additionally served as US
secretary of commerce, believed that the government should not directly
intervened this economic depression and has no responsibility to create jobs
and provide financial remedy for the residents. As a result people voted for
Franklin Roosevelt. He won an overwhelming victory in the presidential election
March 1933. After electing he take on spot action to address the USA’s economic
woes and promised that government spending might end this depression. At
inauguration day he ordered every state of US to close all remaining bank and
announce the four day bank holiday. During the closer of banks so the congress
could pass the legislation bill to reopen those banks to gained the people
toward restoring the public confidence.



 This economic devastation of the depression
was worse by environmental destruction. After long years drought coupled with
poor farming practices created a vast region from southeast Colorado to the
Texas that came to be called the Dust Bowl. Massive dust storms blocked towns
killing the crops and animals, making people sick and causing millions of
damage which was unknown.

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from the Great Depression

After the new president elected in
the US, he promises to create the programs to end the great depression within
his 100 days of his presidency he signed the new deal which created 42 new
agencies which are designed to create jobs, allow unionization and provide
unemployment insurance. Some are Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which built
dams to control the flooding and hydroelectric projects provide electricity,
and the Work Progress Administration (WPA) program who give permanent jobs to
8.5 million people from 1935 to 1943. Many of these programs still working
which include social security, Security and Exchange Commission and the Federal
Deposit Insurance Corporation, these programs guard the economy and help
prevent another depression. This great depression of era had fueled the rise of
the extremist political movements in various European countries, financial
stress made Germans to elect the Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party in 1933. If Franklin
D. Roosevelt had spend enough on the deal to end depression before Nazi’s came
into power the WWII would never be happened.


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