1-    The objective of a safety system is to provide a structured approach to control safety risks in operation. The effective of safety management should be controlled in order to organize a specific process related to a safety of operation. In addition, System safety is required an expert skills and knowledge in order to apply significant principles and techniques to reduce the risk involved with hazards. Due to a complexity and riskiness of the system safety, is required to understand and manage the risk that’s associated with hazards to assure the level risk is low. Basically, system safety discipline is defining as a way of eliminating mishap or any risks to an acceptable level.


2-    Hazard analysis can be performed in examining an occur system to identify potential risks in order to develop the level of safety operation or management thus the safety designs can be established to reduce the hazards. Hazard analysis is divided into two categories hazard analysis type and hazard analysis technique. First category, hazard analysis type describes the scope, detail, and life cycle time of a specific hazard analysis. Also, hazard analysis type can provide a specific design, and establish where, what and when to analyze. Second category, hazard analysis technique establishes a system of method used in a particular area that provides unique results.

The goals of each analysis type can be achieved by variety analysis techniques that needs to choose a good technique to achieve the goals of each of the analysis type.


Safety system can be used to minimize the risk that can occur in a workplace and allow the worker to prevent any hazard during the life cycle. System safety has to be engaged with a high level of system control such as a leader direct, all the employees that gives regulation to follow and be responsible to make great decisions. The majority of designing decisions also has a strong impact on life cycle, negotiate errors, make an emergency active plan, and elimination of hazards. Moreover, system safety could be used to improve the maintenance detecting equipment that needs to be prepared in case of hazard.

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