1. How could it be otherwise we started this particular list talking about the importance of maintaining a strict oral hygiene . Many people today still believe that this process consists only of tooth brushing after each meal, however to get rid of all plaque and food debris is necessary flossing .2. Use mouthwash or mouthwash is a recommended alternative when reinforcing our teeth but it is advisable to consult with our specialist about the type of toothpaste that best suits our needs, since in the market we have different models where each one of them have a particular action.3. Within the process of oral hygiene not only should we clean the teeth or gums since we must also include the cleaning of the tongue. For this we have at our disposal a specific instrument known as lingual cleanser, although we can also use the toothbrush to achieve this goal, which will allow us, among other things, to prevent halitosis.4. In case you use a manual brush you should know that it is advisable to use soft bristles to avoid enamel wear or damage the gums. In addition to this it is necessary to change the brush quarterly since the bristles will wear out and will no longer be as effective when cleaning the mouth.5. Currently dental aesthetics plays a very important role in society, in this sense we must emphasize the wide variety of oral interventions whose sole objective is to improve aesthetics. In addition to this it is convenient to follow a series of simple tips that will help us to respect the aesthetics of our mouth and one of them is to avoid those drinks such as tea, coffee or red wine as they cause dental stains . On the other hand both soft drinks and acid fruit juices are not recommended either because they cause excessive wear of the enamel , it is advisable to drink these products sparingly and, if possible, by drinking straws.6. Another advice related to food is to avoid sudden changes in the temperature of food, to explain this relationship we must take into account that changes in temperature cause an increase in tooth sensitivity , this being a pathology characterized by be very annoying In addition to this in some cases there is inflammation of the blood vessels that are located inside the tooth.6. If there is a harmful food in our mouth, this is the one that stands out for being rich in sugars, one of the leading culprits of the appearance and development of dental caries. It is clear that it is not easy to eliminate this type of food from our diet, but we can carry out a series of preventive measures such as tooth brushing after consuming sweets.7. Finally, the last of these tips that is directly related to food is one that tells us the importance of drinking foods that contain fluoride, calcium, proteins as well as those rich in vitamins A, C, D and Kas they will be of great help when it comes to keeping our teeth healthy and active.8. Avoid tobacco is essential for all those who wish to have good oral health since the habit of smoking entails a wide variety of negative consequences for our mouth: Dental stains, decreased oxygenation of gingival tissue, causes halitosis …9. When it comes to preventing any problem related to the mouth, it is necessary to go to the dentist on a regular basis . It is estimated that we have to check our mouth twice a year as a prevention and is that in addition to examining the state of our teeth and gums the specialist will carry out all kinds of preventive and straightforward interventions such as professional dental cleaning, a direct and painless process with which both the bacterial plaque and tartar located in the tooth enamel is eliminated.10. We finish this list of tips mentioning the importance of mouth guards , being an instrument that will be very useful to protect our teeth when we practice contact sports such as boxing or basketball. Today there are a wide variety of models of protectors on the market that adjust to the situation and needs of each patient.


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