1. Minecraft username: Kalanimc 2. What is your age?: my current age is 12.3. How long have you been playing on our network?: I’ve played since season 4, I try to play every day for as long as I possibly can.4. Do you have Skype, TeamSpeak, and Discord? (Our main way of communicating):I have all three, I am very new to TS so it might take me a while to get use to it but in emergency’s I can use TS, (preferablyDiscord). discord: Bradlerules911.Skype: Sharing when player needs my skype.TeamSpeak: Bradleyrules9115. Do you have a Microphone?: mycomputer has a built in microphone I use. It is as good as any other microphone in my opinion.6. Your Time zone: Australian.7. How many hours a day can you be online?: It depends on what type of day it is, if its the school holidays, I can play for a very long time every day. Today it is school holidays, I play from 9AM to usually 7PM with some breaks in between (usuallythree 20min breaks).Monday: School 4pm – 8pm. Holidays 9AM – 7PMTuesday: School 4pm – 8pm. Holidays 9AM – 7PMWednesday: School 4pm – 8pm. Holidays9AM – 7PMThursday: School 4pm – 8pm. Holidays 9AM – 7PMFriday: School 4pm – 8pm. Holidays 9AM – 7PMSunday: School 10AM – 10pm. Holidays 9AM – 7PMSaturday: School 10AM – 10pm. Holidays 9AM – 7PMHow active I am on forums: I am very new to forums as I only joined around a month ago to create this Application. But as it is necessary to be active In Game and in forums I will try to read and respond toquite a few posts on every topic. 8. Are you able to record on the server, If so what software do you use: I can now record as I just found out my computer has a built in video recorder it does not have a name but it seems really good as it can record non stop and be edited quite easily. I can also take pictures very easily and access them in a matter of seconds (I use a software called gyazo). I am still trying to find a software that allows me to record for free which has good quality videos.9. What languages can you speak fluently?: I speak fluent English with a little bit of a Aussie accent (still as easy to understand).10. Do you have any past experience at being staff? Please explain if you do: No I don’t but I have seen what staff do for a very long time on multiple different servers. Watching staff do their jobs makes me aware of what the consequences and the reliability the staff have to deal with every day. I know every rule and what the consequences are for them. I also see how they are having to deal with tough problems all the time but always turn out working the best possible way. 11. Why should we pick you over anyone else?: because I know how everything works on UniverseMC I know the community very well and I follow all the rules and always doing what the staff say (if they ask me to do something). Also because I’m very active, usually 10 hours every day but it depends if I have school or not. Another reason why is because I love helping people, whenever someone is in need I will go help them ASAP which is a great quality to have. Another reason why is because I’m always trying to help out players that just started by being kind and helping them get started by giving them some tips and maybe some gear which I would continue doing but try to do it with as many new players as a possible could handle. Why I should be staff is because I am a nice and caring person who loves helping other players who struggle in the factions world, I would help them by giving them some tips and try to get them started to become more into factions, just like I did when I started many seasons ago. I am a non biased player, I have never been biased in real life and in-game, I would hate to be biased as it is not a very pleasant feeling to have known that you have been biased. I have had a lot of experiences with how to find out when someone’s hacking or abusing a glitch, even though I am a player like them I can still find a way to catch them in the act and find out the truth of what is happening.I am a very funny, caring and serious person which are some great quality’s to have while being a staff, those quality’s can effect the community in a very positive way. I have great leadership quality’s for example I have been a leader of a faction called FlyHigh which has been a known faction by most of the players, the faction was not much of a F top faction but has usually been a pvping factions dominating the FPS, whenever we beat opponents my faction and I never ever drops L’s or bragged in chat how we beat them because we know that isn’t a very good feeling for the players, that puts them down which is not the way to go when your a staff.I know I deserve it because I can fit into any job you put me into for example if you ask me to sort out a problem between two players I would go sort it out ASAP. I may be pretty young but I can be very mature but joke around when things are not so serious. I don’t have many hobbies or sports but my biggest hobby is Minecraft (if you define it as a hobby). I play Minecraft 24/7 and everything else usually I do in my breaks in between playing Minecraft. 13. What Kind of person am I?: I am a kind and never biased person, I love to play video games mainly MC, on Universe but I also play on different servers at times, I love socialising with other players and being helpful with some players that just started for example. A new player called Jimy joined, firstly I showed him the spawn then gave him some gear, then I helped him fight a firelord and some of my bosses, I gave him all the rewards and bought him star rank, Now me and jimmy are great friends and get along very well. If anyone ever asks a question in chat I usually answer it ASAP. 14. Information about me and the gamemode Skyblocks:I know all of this is about Factions but here is a little bit about me on Skyblock, the 2nd most popular game mode on this server, I am rank Elite as I bought it last season, I was in the 3rd top Island last season. From what I have seen is that most staff members are always on factions, but I will spend some of my time on Skyblock as it better for me to be on there then it is on factions unless no other staff member is online on factions


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