1 – Of the six events mentioned, the ones that are
just biological include the one showing our ability to walk on two legs, the
one displaying the way in which our mouths are structured compared to apes, and
the one stating that we can speak, which helps us to express what we are
thinking. The events that combine both biological and cultural influences are the
one that shows a use of tools made by hand, the one that shows how our
ancestors survived due to changes in their hunting techniques, and the one
showing that our ancestors were able to utilize animals and plants/vegetables to
their advantage so that they could meet any needs they had. I think that the
importance of culture in terms of helping to shape of our evolution has
increased in recent years because by looking back at history, we are able to
not repeat certain mistakes. If it were not for our ancestors giving us early
models or systems of behavior and survival techniques, then we would not have
been able to use them and improve upon them to make our lives better. I think
people today have more of an appreciation for ancient culture because it helped
influence today’s culture.

4 – I think there is some validity to human evolution.
The events conveyed by figure 1.3 in the textbook suggest that we have come a
long way since the time of our ancestors. We have developed more sophisticated
tools to help us with farming and raising livestock thanks to our early
ancestors. We are also able to help one another by utilizing the ability of speech,
something that our ancestors took time to develop themselves and we have
inherited that ability from them. The evidence used to support evolution will
come in the form of archaeological findings, written messages from centuries
past, and perhaps even old diagrams depicting what life was like back in ancient
times or what some past figures in early eras of history thought life was like.


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