1.1       Background


The study has found that the most of Australia
household claimed they have the meter reading problem, and half of the people
said they feel more confused after received the bill. In Australia, the meter
reading has become another industry over serval year. It is also well noticed
that the energy and utility service feel challenging to manage account and bill
from the consistent junction.


From getting into the filed to understand the
current business, an intelligent meter reading technology will consistently
monitor any changes and details to give customers and service provider a
comprehensive report about energy and water usage. What we create is an
intelligent meter with multi-dimensional detection including water running and
bulk bill, which aims to improve the provider ‘s service quality.


Intelligent household appliances and lifestyle
will be the global trend of enterprise development. “Intelligent life,”
therefore, will be the trend with the technology. According to the research, it
shows that Energy Bulk Bill Company and Utility Service spend more than a third
of the working hours on reading. Therefore, having a clear and detailly report
is an essential prerequisite for having fantastic management, which is
affecting the overall business as well.

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Our mission is “It is incumbent on us to ensure
everyone enjoys a superiority quality of good service.”


1.2       Production Description


of the meter, it is made up with Microcontrollers from Siemens Co. and nearly
0-power consumption magnetic tunnel sensors, CPU controlled from the Philps Co.
It is sturdy technology thoroughly, static working current 0.008 mA, built-in
2400 mAh lithium battery theoretical calculation work for 30 years, the actual
guarantee to run more than ten years, without any circuit such as the
replacement battery. When the external power supply, automatic switch to
external power, saving internal power consumption. The external electric
current is low to 0.3mA, ensuring that the power transmission system of the
lithium battery can work for more than six years.


smart meter is made of five key components. The outer is covered by Solid PVC
case, which is environmentally friendly. Also, the technology is extremely
friendly. And the inner is made of Microcontroller computer system, which it
has been well developed Mature technology into seven independent parts combine
to a microsystem, the seven elements are supported by the central CPU and
battery. Moreover, the balance intensity is improved by 175% to traditional
metal meter, and it has ten years warranty.

meter is superior to the traditional competitor, which is read free and
synchronization any time. 24/7 of full coverage is to protect the stability and
transparency of meter usage and extend the trust between the service provider
and user. Intelligent Meter relates to smart phone or website and to provide a
24/7 detailed report to analyse the user habit and could covert to Big Data
use. Professional production line and large-scale business model will guarantee
exquisite design and improve both qualities of the meter and product


aim to create not only a signal meter but also a high-tech intelligent solution
that allows the service provider to improve the service with Blockchain and Big


1.3       Business

with data, technology, and exercise, data communication is a crucial element to
meter reading. In fact, most of the reading company spend their limited
resource on the permission to access, so a suitable meter reading method cannot
only perfect for the gathering data but also meets everyone’s needs.


company Intelligent Meter Solution aims to provide a meter and a system of
communication that meets both sides required. Intelligent Meter is designed
based on different groups ranging from the Freehold title to Strata title,
which the increases of the transparency of usage but also has a wide variety of
functions. Speaking of freehold title, the meter can play an important role to
monitor the water leaking and power failure. Due to the history, many freehold
owners have challenged the Australian Electrical and Water Service providers
because the trust and unpredictable hazard happen all the time. But the
intelligent meter system is adjustable and could make the effect in this case.
And for the Strata Tile owner would like to pay their bill not only splitting
the total bill of the whole block.


a meter reading system could be a great help. However, While the current
limitation in this area, it will inspire our company to design an outstanding
product and service to meet the provider and owner’s desire.


with the increasing standard of Living and advanced technology, the prospect of
home automation will be a challenge, so our company is focused on creating an
essential meter.


smart meters are different from the traditional meter has some apparent
advantages. The meter could adjust by all-purpose and custom design. According
to the purpose of mixed use, the purpose of the location, and it can set in the
hotel, Airbnb, school, hospital and apartment, townhouse and industry zone,
make a clear monitor and connect with other grid and network to balance the
environment and consistent.

the safety issues, the charge of the detection and sensor connections is lower
than the static electricity generated by friction between the water and
controller, which is radiation-free and hazard-free. Moreover, the meter can
monitor user data with the area monitor, it could observe by computer and check
it 24/7, once some incident or leaking has been detected, It will readily be
located the spot and narrowing searching area. Apart from that, it can make the
emergency service to save the time and save the waste where are in danger. This
function is beneficial and significant for gas and grid supplier since a further
analysis based on the monitor of user habit research, and the details will
provide personalized advice. Customers and the general user can set their house
and monitor the property depending on their research and improve the


the view of the traditional plumber, meter industry, and enterprises, the smart
meter can expand the product category and market range. It would be an
excellent opportunity to take care of and pay attention to our vulnerable
groups such as Body Corp, Strata Management, and Council Water Service


each application can improve the qualify the issue of water usage, and house
owner can monitor their property by easy reading throughout our patterns and
qualities service.


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